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After almost 3 years of building, my Zenith CH-701 is completed.  A big "Thumbs Up" from my FAA Inspector was what I have been waiting to see since the project started.

N73EX is ready for flight!

If you are building, or thinking of building a CH-701 either from a kit or scratch I think that I have something that may be of interest to you.  During my build I have taken over 2000 pictures of every detail of the construction.  There is not a nook or cranny that I have not photo documented.  These pictures are all high resolution and their actual size is 2592 X 1944.  When zoomed in on your photo browser you can see extreme close up detail of every part of the aircraft.  Photos range in size from 1.5 to 3.0 meg each.

This collection of over 2000 pictures can be yours to view or print using your computer.  The collection comes on one DVD that is sorted and indexed into folders by subject matter to make it easy to find any portion of the aircraft you want to see.  Over 4 GB of high resolution pictures!

As a special bonus, included are some additional useful files.  These include all of the FAA forms necessary for your registration.  A full copy of the Free Solid Edge 2D Drafting Program.  My Solid Edge CAD files for my panel design. My Excel W & B Spread Sheet.  My CH-701 POH.  My CH-701 Check List.  My CH-701 Electrical Diagram.  My written Flight Test Plan.

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