Click Here For Details Are you building, or thinking about building a Zenith CH-701 airplane?  If so, I have a DVD that you may wish to purchase.  It shows every nook and cranny of my Zenith CH-701 build, in 2000 or so pictures.  Useable in any computer, you can copy and print, or zoom in really big to see every small detail of each picture on your screen.
Click Here For Details One thing that you are going to need, when you finish building your CH-701 is a really detailed POH.  I have one on line that you can download and modify to suite the needs of your airplane build.  It is in Microsoft Word, so is very easy to modify, read, and print.  This will save you a lot of time, as you are preparing for our final inspection.
Click Here For Details Recently I became interesed in exploring the world of Internet VPN programs.  I have an ASUS RT-AC3500 router, using asuswrt-Merlin software.   I had a lot of problems getting it setup without running into what I though was a really secure and private connection.  Here are the details of my exploration.  Still an open book, subject to additional new information. 
Click Here For Details I searched for a carrying case for my new DJI Mavic Air Drone.  I wanted to be able to  carry everything I needed to go on a photo trip.  Here are the details on what I ended up with and the modifications that I needed to make to the case to hold all my stuff.  The outcome is excellent and I got exactly what I wanted!
Click Here For Details I recently got rid of my older bigger CNC machine.  I wanted something that would  work for small hobby items that I like to build.  Small air engines, magnetic floating armatures, etc...  I chose to purchase a small Chinese CNC.  I recently completed adding home and limit switches.  I also installed a cutting height puck as well.
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For some time, I have been flying the DJI Drones.  I started with the Phantom 3, went to the Phantom 4 and now am in the process of moving over to the Mavic Air, just released a couple of months ago.  Here is a study I did of the  various signals and their relationship to each other in the P3 and P4.  Interference between the Drone, your Phone or Tablet may cause erratic behavior and even crashes, if you are not careful.  Follow along as I discuss he various parameters that are involved.  I do plan on doing a study on the Mavic Air in the near future, as it uses a different combination of signals.

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I do all my CNC machining using Mach3 as the program that controls my CNC Machine.  I have designed several screens that meet my needs for 2.5D CNC machining.  My Z Zero and X-Y position finding routines make it really easy to locate your cutting tool exactly where it needs to be at the start of the cut.

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 I have a small Harbour Freight Mini Lathe.  I added Digital Read Outs to make it easier to turn material and drill to depth easier.  You can see the details of how I built the mounting brackets and put it all together here.

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If you are doing any kind of engraving, using a computer, you probably are having trouble finding a truly Single Line Font.  Here is a group of single line fonts you can download and use in your applications.  Load them as .ttf into Windows.

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For many years now, the members of the Fennville High School Class of 1954, have been meeting for a monthly lunch get-together.  Over the many years we have said a final Farwell to so many!  Here are some memories to share.

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Finding the center of a small round object can be difficult.  This center finder is a really neat device that lets you scribe center lines on any small round object.  

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I use CamBam, a CAD/CAM program to do a lot of my drawings for parts that I am going to machine.  Here you can download a help file that is an index PDF where you can look up items in the help file for using the program.  Very handy, if you are a CamBam user.

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When I have nothing better to do, I do a lot of Electronic Test Gear repair.  I buy and sell it on eBay, giving others an opportunity to have some really great older test gear at a reasonable cost.  Gives me one more thing to keep me busy!