CNC Spring Loaded Engraving Tool Holder
For .125" Engraving Tools

If you already have a CNC machine and do any engraving, this tool is exactly what you need to make all your engravings look professionally done.  I do a lot of Data Plate engraving for Experimental Aircraft.  As there are always some small differences in the height of the metal being engraved, using a fixed tool depth sometimes results in different depth of the engraved letters and figures.  This Spring Loaded Tool Holder will solve that problem, making everything engraved at the same depth.  Built to precision standards, this tool will help you to turn out perfect engraving jobs every time.


Mounts in .25 Diameter Collet A New Batch Under Construction

Precision Built With .25" Shaft

Here The Tool Is Engraving A Data Plate


Can be used with a diamond tipped drag engraving tool for those special hard material jobs.  Also can be utilized when making Printed Circuit Boards for electronic circuits.  Gives you precise control of depth in any material while being able to follow slight changes in surface contour. 

The example above was engraved with a .032 ball end cutter turning at 2000 RPM.  Total depth of cut was set for .15" with two passes of .075".  On 6061 T6 Aluminum, you can see how nicely it does the job.  The spring I supply with the tool will allow you pressure on the work piece from a few ounces to just over 1 pound, with the tool travel range of about .175.    You can replace the spring, if it is necessary to decrease or increase the pressure range, depending on the type of material you are engraving.

NOTE: Finger Tightening Of Cap Screws Will Hold Tool                Securely In Place For Cutting.               


Supplied Spring Size Pressure Range
Small Range use:  1.0" X .125" X .013"
Medium Range use: 1.0 X .125 X .020
Strong Range use:  1.0 X .125 X .023 


Comes with Small Range Spring Installed
The Other Two Sizes Are Included




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Spring Loaded Tool PRICING

  Single:      $ 49.95   (PN-SLET-1)
 Two (2):     $ 94.95   (PN-SLET-2)
 Four (4):   $ 183.95   (PN-SLET-4)









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